Meet Rachel


Rachel Henthorn is a personal trainer with 10+ years of personal training experience. She has worked in a wide array of gym settings, including five years as an L2 CrossFit Coach. Rachel enjoys creating programs tailored to each client’s specific needs and desires and is uniquely qualified to provide her clients with versatile and FUNctional workouts.

When Rachel is not training clients or working out, you can find her surfing waves, climbing rocks, and hiking mountains with her Australian Shepherd pup, Lincoln.



I played multiple team sports in high school and have always enjoyed being a competitive athlete. In college, I struggled to find a good routine with exercise and diet, resulting in an unhealthy relationship with my body. Over the years, I have since fallen in love with weightlifting and gymnastics, which both continuously find new ways to challenge me. They also helped me to feel strong and confident in my body and shift the focus from a desired body aesthetic to a focus on more performance-driven goals. I encourage all my clients to take pride in what their bodies are capable of and want to empower them to overcome any mental barriers that may be holding them back. I would be honored to help you on your journey to becoming the most powerful version of you!

Rachel Lifting