Meet Lindsay

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Lindsay is an ACE certified personal trainer looking to help others find what makes them feel strong and empowered. She earned a degree in Human Services and worked for several years supporting individuals with mental health and substance use disorders in a variety of professional roles. Lindsay continues to help others reach their maximum potential, now as a professional personal trainer. Lindsay aims to welcome and serve the same broad array of people that she chooses to share her personal life with, meeting each client where they’re at.


The idea for the name Grateful Gains came to me because that is truly what I am: grateful for so many things about my life today. Adolescence and early adulthood were stormy periods for me. I was in and out of recovery and in my early twenties my self image was at a new low. I remember forcing myself to jog when I didn’t have the energy, angry with my body instead of taking pride in the strength I was summoning to keep promises to myself. Looking back, I can see that I wasn’t setting myself up for success by focusing so much on the mirror and ignoring the messages my body was sending. 

Years later, after finding stability in recovery, a friend suggested that I try working at a local moving company. I found peace and joy through exploring my strengths instead of focusing on eliminating my weaknesses. That mindset shift changed my life. I could see that my problems were not unique, and many people could benefit from finding their strength, especially with the help of someone who could guide and encourage them. 

I am still learning every day how to judge myself less and be present in the moment more. My energy levels and physical abilities are connected to my mental health, and respecting that balance has made me feel my best ever. As a personal trainer, empowering you is my priority.

"For a long time, I’ve felt the call to increase my activity—but when I go to the gym, I have no idea where to start or what to do.  In our consultation, Lindsay helped me define some clear goals. In our sessions, she designed workouts that were fresh & felt good for my body. Her coaching style is encouraging and positive, which made me feel comfortable and focused on my mind-body connection!"
— A.J.